Katy Holmes Trust gets a new car!

Hello everyone! Let me tell you about something really special that happened today! We got a new car! Not only that, it was very kindly and generously donated to the charity courtesy of the extremely lovely Geoff Stothert at Cox Motor Group and Preston Honda! Isn’t that lovely!

The car we have at the moment is all bashed in down one side and really looks bad when we go to events. This car is just beautiful though and runs like a dream! What was the first thing we did when we got it? Took it to show Katy. Once we’d had a little chat I have to admit to going on to enjoy a cruise along the M6 with The Script album playing and the sun shining! So many people saw me and beeped their horn or waved! I loved that! As i was driving along a song came on that really made me think about our lives over the past 2 years and i felt a little tearful. I love music, it is very powerful and it reaches every part of my soul. I drove up into the beautiful Lancashire countryside and parked up where i could see across the whole of Preston. It was such a wonderful moment. I leant on a gate and played the song again. This time i took a moment to appreciate just how lucky we have been to have had such wonderful support from everyone since losing Katy. Also, at that moment, i realised just how far we have come. I felt immensely proud.

Another lovely thing that Geoff did was when we went to pay for the insurance, he kindly donated it back to the charity! Wasn’t that lovely! He has been such a wonderful support to the charity since Katy died, many of you will have seen his cars at the Picnic on the Park event we do. We really are very blessed to know such wonderful people who are so dedicated to helping us find a cure for brain tumours.

Thank you so much the Geoff and his lovely team for their support. We very much look forward to continuing the charity’s work with a more professional look and feel now :-)

Have a great weekend everyone and take some time to appreciate what you have xxx

To find out more information please visit http://www.preston-honda.co.uk