A day in the life of the Katy Holmes Trust Car!

This is a little blog about the Katy Holmes Trust car and how it is being used! The car was very generously donated to the Trust courtesy of Preston Honda who have made sure our logo’s are looking lovely on it too! We would love to know where you have seen the car!

19th September 2014

Today something really special happened! We got a new car! Not only that, it was very kindly and generously donated to the charity courtesy of the extremely lovely Geoff Stothert at Cox Motor Group and Preston Honda! Isn’t that lovely!


The car we have at the moment is all bashed in down one side and really looks bad when we go to events. This car is just beautiful though and runs like a dream! What was the first thing we did when we got it? Took it to show Katy. Once we’d had a little chat I have to admit to going on to enjoy a cruise along the M6 with The Script album playing and the sun shining! So many people saw me and beeped their horn or waved! I loved that! As i was driving along a song came on that really made me think about our lives over the past 2 years and i felt a little tearful. I love music, it is very powerful and it reaches every part of my soul. I drove up into the beautiful Lancashire countryside and parked up where i could see across the whole of Preston. It was such a wonderful moment. I leant on a gate and played the song again. This time i took a moment to appreciate just how lucky we have been to have had such wonderful support from everyone since losing Katy. Also, at that moment, i realised just how far we have come. I felt immensely proud.

Another lovely thing that Geoff did was when we went to pay for the insurance, he kindly donated it back to the charity! Wasn’t that lovely! He has been such a wonderful support to the charity since Katy died, many of you will have seen his cars at the Picnic on the Park event we do. We really are very blessed to know such wonderful people who are so dedicated to helping us find a cure for brain tumours.

Thank you so much the Geoff and his lovely team for their support. We very much look forward to continuing the charity’s work with a more professional look and feel now and we are looking forward to building our blog :-)

22nd September 2014 - Newcastle University

What an amazing day it was today! We were honoured to be invited along to Newcastle University to meet the world class researchers and everyone who is involved in The Brain Tumour Charitys £4M Instinct programme. We were so pleased to be able to talk to Prof Steve Clifford, Dr Darren Hargrave and Dr Chris Jones as well as many others too! They are so dedicated and incredibally passionate about finding that cure and better more effective treatments for brain tumours. I was one of the guest speakers and felt very proud to be addressing such an exciting group of people. 

Here is a cheeky little shot of the researchers with the new car It was the only way we could get the University sign in too and was just for fun :-)


There are great things happening out there now for brain tumour research. We still don’t know what causes brain tumours, we still don’t know how to cure them. We do know though that if anyone can figure it all out it is most certainly any of these guys. How lucky are we to be able to join up with such fantastic experts who are clearly going to pave the way and get us ever closer to figuring it all out and saving precious lives. Very proud moment.

Tomorrow we have the soft launch for the North West Pride Awards with our wonderful Patron Russell Watson and many of our lovely Ambassadors and supporters! There is much excitement in the air right now!

23rd September - The soft launch of the North West Pride Awards 2015

What an amazing day!! Completely blown away!! Today we had our soft launch for the North West Pride Awards with our wonderful patron Russell Watson along with some of our lovely Ambassadors Kirsty Henshaw and Emma Lovini and lots of lovely supporters via local media, businesses and people wanting to help. 


So nominations are now open! If you know someone in the North West region who deserves to be nominated for an award in recognition of their wonderful achievements then please visit the website now! It might be someone who has battled illness, overcome challenges, given back to the community, treated you medically, fundraised for you and much more! Everyone knows someone so please take a look

Thank you so much to all of our sponsors and supporters who have all gone out of their way to help us and especially to our Title sponsor Pete Marquis xx

Thank you so much to everyone for their fantastic support today but especially to The Dunkenhalgh Hotel and Spa, to John Gillmore and to Roger at Rouge Creative for making the day that extra bit special xx

Thank you to all the North West businesses, media platforms and wonderful supporters who came along today and offered their support in whichever way. You have no idea how much it is appreciated xxx

Thank you to Preston Honda for the amazing car xx


Thank you to Sandra, Haylea, Alison and David for their wonderful support today! You were all just brilliant! John and Beverly were very much missed today but there support is still acknowledged throughout! Thank you also to Sarah Lindsell from the Brain Tumour Charity for coming along and supporting the event today! You are all just fantastic and we are just so very lucky xx

Thank you to 
Gareth Redfern Web Design, Geminus Design LtdB&D Print and Susan from Down2Detail Events Ltd who have, quite simply, been an absolute God send to us. They have become such treasured friends to David and I and we feel so very blessed to have their support. They have hearts the size of the world and we are honoured that you have chosen to support our charity and our event. We love you all xxx

Last but by no means least to our lovely Patron 
Russell Watson and to Hayley, you are quite simply incredible and your support is instrumental to driving us forward and allowing us to have the confidence to try new things no matter how scary they feel xxx

26th September - Paula wins Inspirational Women of the year at the Enterprise Vision Awards 2014.

Today the Katy Holmes Trust car took Paula to Blackpool Winter Gardens where she joined 700 others at a glittering ceremony where so many lucky people were up for these wonderful business awards. Paula Holmes was absolutely delighted to be the winner of Inspirational Women of the Year for her dedication to her charity work, searching for a cure for brain tumours in memory of her daughter Katy and raising £500k in only 2 years. The car couldn’t get close enough to the venue for a picture so here is Paula instead :-)


October 2014

The month of October was an extremly busy one indeed for the Katy Holmes Trust car! Following on from the success of Paula winning her EVA Award she then went on to be a Granada Region Pride of Britain Regional finalist which saw her flying up and down the motorway doing interviews for various papers, magazines, radio shows and Granada Reports! The car was seen across Lancashire, Cheshire, Cumbria and Manchester! It is always lovely to hear people beeping their horns hello as we pass by :-)

October also saw the Preston’s got Talent Heats and Semi Finals taking place throughout Preston. There were local celebrities involved including Kirsty Henshaw, Gary Lovini, Sophie McDonnell and the very lovely and extremely talented X Factor finalist Danny Dearden! (below) People came from all over the PR post code area to enjoy the shows and it was so lovely to hear everyone saying how beautiful the car was :-)


On Friday 31st Paula was presented with a wonderful cheque for £500 at the Pink Link Ladies networking meeting at Preston’s College! This was raised from the glitter station which was at the EVA Awards when Paula won Inspirational Women of the Year! This lovely ladies networking group is a great place to go to and has been hugely beneficial for the charity in terms of contacts gathered which has saved the charity thousands of pounds!


The Katy Holmes Trust is very proud to support other families who also have a child with a brain tumour. Very often we receive calls from families around the UK, America and South Africa who are frightened, lonely, unsupported and upset. Paula is always on standby at any time of the day or night to listen to them and to point them in the direction of where they can get the appropriate support. Sometimes the family needs more than that, sometimes they need hugs and face to face reassurance. Paula fully appreciates the need for this when you are experiencing something so tragic. This month Paula drove down to London, Southampton, Cheshire and Leeds to support different families who needed it. One of the families had this to say recently: 

“We cannot tell you just how much it means to our family that you are so willing to just drop everything and drive all this way just to support us and make sure we have everything we need. We have reached out to counsellors and cancer nurses who are local and even they are not able to offer such a lovely personal touch as that. It is such a comfort to know we are not facing this alone” 

Paula Holmes has this to say in response: 

“I totally understand the need for support at a time like this and services are so stretched. When you know you are making a difference like this then no distance is too far to travel”

November 2014

November was another extremely busy month for the Katy Holmes Trust! It started with the first of many monthly training treks with Life Changing Challenges! Following the success of Paula’s recent Kilimanjaro climb in August where together with 5 others they raised around £30k, they have now signed up to trek the Great Wall of China! Paula is now out and about again when she can training for this new exciting adventure! This trek was up in Mungrisdale in Cumbria which was beautiful.All of this hard work to raise as much money as possible for paediatric brain tumour research :-)


The Final took place for Preston’s got Talent on the 2nd at the Pines Hotel. Again this was attended by our local celebrities and was a fabulous event where Ronnie and Ethan Castle BOTH won!! We were very lucky that the winners were both given a fantastic opportunity to go down to London to visit a top talent scouting agency! This then saw the Katy Holmes Trust car driving down the motorway again and into our beautiful capital city where everyone could admire our lovely car :-)

On Monday 10th November Paula and David Holmes together with CEO of Down to Detail Events Ltd Susan Burns went to visit the very lovely Danny Thompson and Cassie Troughton from Global Radio in Salford Quays! There was so much to discuss and it was very clear to see how much Danny and Cassie and the Global team want to help the Katy Holmes Trust and there are so many exciting things now planned for the Katy Holmes Trust for 2015 as a result! How very exciting!! Of course there is always time for a spot of clowning around :-)


The car visited the Children’s Brain Tumour Research Centre over in Nottingham on November 15th for a cheque presentation for their Life Cycle 4 Campaign! Prof Karen Cox was one of the lovely cyclists who rode in honour of Katy. In total they raised a wonderful £750,000 for paediatric brain tumour research!


November 21st saw the Katy Holmes Trust Christmas Party taking place which raised over £13k in one night all for paediatric brain tumour research. This was at the Barton Grange Hotel and was well attended by local businesses. The following week on the 29th was Pete Marquis’s Charity Ball in aid of the Katy Holmes trust which raised a whopping £22k!! Again this was well attended by local businesses who were all so incredibly generous on the night. See Paula and Pete Marquis below :-)


The last week in November saw the Katy Holmes Trust travelling up to Cumbria making links with the local businesses up there in preperation for the North West Pride Awards in 2015! It would be so lovely to reach out to all the areas across the North West for this prestigious event.

More families recieved the support of the Katy Holmes Trust as Christmas approaches and families struggle to cope with the emotions that surround this. Paula visited a family in Hertfordshire who really needed a sympathetic ear and a some informed advice. As a result this family are now linked up with their local hospice and more importantly some support services who are now actively supporting the family. This kind of work is so important. You can never not be there for someone who needs you.

December 2014

This was a very busy month indeed on the build up to Christmas because so many families were in need of support as they nursed their child. The KHT Car was quite often seen flying up the motorway North, South, East and West reaching out to all those who need it. Families here in Preston, Southampton, Leeds, Cumbria and London were offered support, advice and encouragement but most of all big hugs and a shoulder to cry on.

Some families were helped with their Christmas shopping as the reality of their situations took hold. I know first hand how it feels to be stood in the middle of M&S sobbing because you know you are buying gifts for a child that isn’t going to be around to enjoy them for much longer but you have to make their Christmas the most special ever. I have been that person paying for goods whilst wiping away tears and haven’t even been able to talk to the cashier. That lonely, frightening feeling stays with you and the least i can do is support others who are going through the same thing but be there to comfort them and guide them through it.

This month, days before Christmas, one of the children died. Very sad time.

December also saw introductions to new businesses up in the Lake district who were interested in becoming involved with the North West Pride Awards 2015! Hopefully we can start to spread news of the work of the KHT up in Cumbria now and raise more money and awareness than ever and save some lives.

January 2015

The KHT swung back into action in the New year and secured 2 new sponsors for the North West Pride Awards from Cumbria! We were delighted to welcome on board Steve Adair from Eclipse Leisure Centre and Jason Ball from Jink Tattoo Studio. They each sponsored an award and appeared in their local media where they were able to proudly share their news! This wouldn’t have happened without the Katy Holmes Trust having been able to drive up and meet them and talk it all through!

The KHT was supposed to have a site visit to the research labs down at the Institue for Cancer Research this month but it had to be postponed so hopefully this will now take place in March. Here we can see where the research is being done and meet the researchers themselves!

The KHT met with a fabulous team of Managers and leaders from the University of Central Lancashire to discuss their involvement in the North West Pride Awards. Everyone was so supportive and very willing to help wherever they could and as a result a beautiful new partnership has formed between the KHT and UCLan :-)

Two new families needed help this month and as always the KHT was there to help. It never ceases to amaze me just how little support there is out there for families.

February 2015

February has been a very busy month for the Katy Holmes Trust! We were handed a cheque for £24,520.88 from Pete Marquis Demolition Contractors! Pete and his wonderful team have been raising money for the Katy Holmes Trust throughout 2014. The cheque was presented to us at Preston Guild Hall along with Richard Simkin from PGH who had kindly donated a Preston North End box for 10 people at an auction at Pete’s main event and Cassandra Troughton from Global Radio who also kindly donated a box for 10 people to see Michael McIntyre! This money, when sent to researchers, became worth £55,907.60 of brain tumour research thanks to matched funding secured by the researchers themselves in accordance with the Brain Tumour Charity’s stringent guidelines. It was a very proud moment for us all and we felt even more proud to turn up loking the part in the KHT car! It was just a shame we couldn’t get pictures with the car due to the location of the photo shoot. 


It was a sad month too. One of the families we have been supporting sadly lost their child to a brain tumour. As always the Katy Holmes Trust offered their full support and was right beside the family throughout those very sad days. It’s such a hard thing to do, to relive it all over again. At times it can feel hard to breathe as you try to swallow back the lump in your throat and blink away the tears. At times like those is when the families need you the most. To have someone thank us for being there for them at their lowest and most saddest time makes the journey very worthwhile. There is such a lack of support out there, if our presence is a comfort to only one person or one family then the mileage and time dedicated to them is worth it even if doubled. If we didn’t have the car then we couldn’t offer this service and that’s a fact. Preston Honda and the Cox Motor Group have no idea just how much they are helping us to help others.


Plans are in full swing now for a new soft launch for our North West Pride Awards event happening later this year! The soft launch will be in Carlisle in March and a few trips have been made up and down the M6 engaging with local businesses to get them involved in what will be a magical event! We very much look forward to gathering some special photo’s from then! 

Lots of motorway driving, lots of appointments and lots of ongoing support being offered. The car is clocking up the mileage but running as efficiently as it was the day we got it. It is so smooth, comfortable and very stylish too! We may not always get the chance to take photo’s (especially when supporting families) but the car is definitely worth it’s weight in gold.