Pristine Car Wash and Valeting Centre

Allow me to tell you about this wonderful day today :-)

Today the guys over at Pristine Car Wash and Valet Centre held a Family Fun Day in aid of the Katy Holmes Trust and it was just brilliant! The Street Monkeys came along and there were various stalls and games and some fantastic motorbikes giving rides! There were 16 lovely ladies who had all come along to help wash cars all day long to raise money and all the staff that were there donated their wages for the day! So many local businesses very kindly donated so many prizes to be used in the raffle, we were blown away by the size of the list! People and businesses donated cakes and biscuits and Dave was there with the KHT stall all day long.

We (Paula, Charley and Scarlet) went along for the first hours and took the pictures that you can see here. It was just so lovely to see people driving in to get their cars wash knowing it was for charity and then watching the volunteers start working. They were so good at it too! The staff guided them and were all dressed up in costumes or KHT T-shirts! I felt quite emotional when the North West Ambulance Crew turned up to get cleaned up and the Ice Cream Man! Everyone was so kind and generous as always and many people left their cars and took part in the other activities that were going on. The public didn’t just get their cars washed, they bought raffle tickets and donated in the buckets too! So generous!

There were quite a few people who came over to talk to us about Katy and about our charity work. We were told so many times today what a great job we are doing and comments like that go straight to our hearts. We saw the whole community come together today to help our cause and it was wonderful.

We went to another lovely event for an hour or so over at Charley’s school and had a lovely time there playing around and eating ice cream! It was St Mary Magdalen’s summer fayre and as always it was very enjoyable! Charley got to ride a pony and Scarlet got to play on the bouncy castle! Afterwards we returned to Pristine again.

Charley and i got to ride on the back of a motorcycle and we loved every minute of it! The wind was blowing through my hair and i felt that if i just put my head back all my worries might just blow away. As we passed Hill Road Cemetery i blew Katy a kiss and hoped that she could see us.

As the event went on we felt so incredibly proud of everyone. So many people gave up their time today to come and raise money for our cause. The owners and staff at Pristine put on a fantastic event and together with all the volunteers and stall holders worked so very hard. The sun was shining down and everyones spirits were high! People were dancing and singing and there was such a feel good factor about the place. I wish i could bottle my feelings.

As the event finished i took the girls up to see Katy and told her all about it. I could hear my voice shake a little. I just get really emotional about things like this and about people’s generosity. We really are overwhelmed by this kindness in memory of our little girl.

As the day went on we were thinking about the BHS Ladies who were all doing a skydive today to raise money for the KHT! How brave! We very much look forward to those photo’s!

So, all that remains now is to say THANK YOU to each and every person who organised the event, volunteered to wash cars or run activities and stalls, to the public for coming along and supporting the day and to all the services that made the event that extra special today, thank you also to all the people and businesses that donated goods for the raffle or to be sold.

You have made us so proud. We will always remember your kindness. Thank you all xxx

You can see Pristine’s photo’s on their Facebook page here:

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