John O Groats To Lands End Tracker Aug 4th - 15th 2013

Track where Dave, Jeff Banks and the rest of the team are as they cycle from John O Groats to Lands End. Click on each pin to read more!

The very lovely Jeff Banks and his team very kindly offered to come on board and help David Holmes (Katy’s daddy) organise his John O Groats to Lands End cycling challenge on 4th August 2013. We met Jeff when our Charley (Katy’s sister) won a WellChild Award for Most Caring Young Person in September 2012! Jeff and his team have organised almost everything! David Holmes has done a fantastic job of helping organise and finding riders and support volunteers and we are proud to say that there are 27 of them in total!! They will complete the challenge over 10 days, cycling approx 100 miles a day!

The riders are: Jeff Banks, David Holmes, Lee Holmes, Craig Holmes, Glyn Arthur, Phil & Philippa Walsh, Trisha Lemon, Gary Thompson, Gary Moor, Neil Clitheroe, Scott Hardwick, Richard Smith, Steven Snape, Chris Hall, Bradley Leadbetter, Dean Harrison & Brian Reid.

The support volunteers are: Margaret Ainscough & Fran Blackburn (masseurs), Gavin & Ann Beetham (leading the ride), Noel Vernon and Peter (mechanics), Carl & Kenny (support team) and John Reid (van driver)

Please look here for updated photo’s from before the ride right up until their return: JOG2LE PHOTO’S 2013

To donate please visit JOG2LE Just Giving Pages 2013 and choose a rider to donate too! It doesn’t matter who it is, it is all going to the same place :-)