Katy Before Diagnosis

Katy was always a very bright, vibrant, kind, loving, pure, innocent and genuine child who would do anything for anyone. She was a very popular little girl with both the girls and the boys! She never had a bad word to say about anybody.

Katy was a high achiever and was predicted to be well above average in all subjects by the time she left primary school in the summer of 2012. Throughout her years at school she had been Mary in the nativity, School Council Representative, House Captain and finally she became Head Girl. Katy was very proud of herself and she always knew how proud we were of her because we told her all of the time.

Katy loved her little sister Charley (8) and her older siblings Kelly, Lee and Craig very much. When I became pregnant for the third time with baby Scarlet Katy was very excited and couldn’t wait to meet her. She even helped me to name her along with Charley.

It was after our holiday to Florida in August 2011 that we noticed Katy had become a bit of a moody teenager.At a school assembly when accepting a certificate Katy didn’t smile. This immediately caught my attention as Katy always smiled. When asked, Katy didn’t even seem to realise.

I took her to visit the doctor and told her about the few headaches Katy had been having, how she’d been falling asleep in the afternoon uncharacteristically and how she wasn’t smiling anymore. The doctor, taking no chances, referred us straight to the hospital where a CT scan was done. The scan came back clear and we were sent home a few days later with suspected migraines. Katy then went on a school trip for a few days. On their return the teacher told me she had noticed that in the photo’s one of Katy’s eyes looked strange. My instinct took over and I took her straight back to hospital. I insisted they do further tests.They kept her in for observations over the weekend where her symptoms worsened.

An MRI scan on Monday the 10th October revealed her devastating diagnosis. Katy had an inoperable and terminal Brain Stem Diffuse Pontine Glioma.

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