Patron - Russell Watson

Russell Watson came to Preston on 17th November 2012 to switch on the Christmas lights. We heard about this and got in touch to see if he would consider meeting up with us. To our absolute delight he said yes! We met him backstage and were totally blown away. This incredible man has battled and won against 2 brain tumours and yet he stood in front of us looking so well and strong. It was heart warming. I wanted to grab him and hug him and tell him how proud we were of him, after all we have seen first hand the suffering he would have endured, but that didn’t seem very appropriate at that precise moment.

Russell has since done the most fantastic concert we have ever experienced in our lives on Dec 6th 2013 which made around £37,000!!! It was full of emotion and Russell was an absolute treasure. Is it any wonder we love this man so much! The photo’s of that incredible night are here: Russell Watson’s Concert for Katy Below is a video of his performance at Preston North End in the November of 2013 where he dedicated ‘Someone to Remember Me’ to our Katy. 

This man is truly incredible. We just adore him. He also has such lovely, supportive fans who are so loyal and dedicated to not only him but any cause he supports too! He is the nicest, kindest most charitable man and we are very lucky to have him on board :-)