Team Katy Husky Huddle

These are an amazing group of people who have formed their very own Husky Huddle and then offered their services to the Katy Holmes Trust! Katy loved huskies and I have been a life long fan of them too. When these incredible people offered to come on board in an official capacity we were just overwhelmed at their kindness. Their aim is to do various events throughout the year in aid of the Trust and to help us raise awareness of paediatric brain tumours as well as funds for the research. The owners are constantly coming up with a million and one things that they can do for us and are even thinking about producing their own husky/team Katy merchandise. They are official mascots for the Katy Holmes Trust and the dogs together with their owners are incredibly loyal to us and we love them all dearly. We’re very grateful to them all for offering to come on board.

From left to right we have Dan Cameron, Angela Cameron, Liz Jones, Derek Jones :-)